The Daily Did You Know: ECON Priority Applicant Deadline + CCC Workshop

Did you know the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has begun accepting applications for Economic Empowerment Priority Applicant Certification? That’s right! If you or anyone you know meet at least 3 of the 6 identified qualification criteria for Economic Empowerment applicants, and would like to submit an application to have your future “Marijuana Establishment” license application processed via a priority status, Go Time is Now!

You have until Sunday, April 15th to submit your application. Please visit the Cannabis Control Commission website to register and submit your “Economic Empowerment Priority Certification Application."

Economic Empowerment Application Workshop for Cannabis Entrepreneurs on April 11

This Wednesday night, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission will host an Economic Empowerment Application Workshop for Cannabis Entrepreneurs. This workshop is designed for people who are from communities disproportionately impacted by high rates of drug enforcement and are interested in starting a marijuana business.

Participants will learn about Economic Empowerment Priority Applicant certification criteria and the benefits of the Social Equity Program. Volunteers will review various license types, the licensing timeline, and what’s next for the adult use marijuana industry. Attendees will also receive assistance navigating the application for Economic Empowerment Applicant certification from industry volunteers. Read more about the Workshop here>>

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