Support the Farmers of High Dune Craft Cooperative

Special Town Meeting - November 13 at Truro Central School - 6:00 PM This Tuesday, November 13th, important cannabis bylaw amendments will be voted on for Truro. Come support cannabis farmers at the Special Town Meeting!

Article 7# Planning Board Bylaw as Written:

10,000 square feet initially allowed growing space shared and divided by the members of the cooperative. Each year, the coop can apply to add an additional 10,000 square feet of canopy until 50,000 square feet is reached.

In contrast, High Dune Cannabis Cooperative (HDCC) wants to boost that to 30,000 square feet initial.

Article 8# Planning Board Bylaw as Written:

50,000 square foot final canopy cap for the cooperative.

HDCC also wants canopy caps to be tied to the size of the parcel of land.

According to J. Drake Cook of HDCC, HDCCs vision is not the industrial style warehouse operations that the Planning Board expects. “We want to translate our collective 130 years of vegetable growing practices to an organic, hand-tended, soil grown, sun-grown product.”

Learn more about the meeting and read the warrant here.

About the author: Christine Giraud, a writer in Boston, is fascinated with the cannabis industry, and has been covering the culture, politics and history around it. She also writes about general health issues for publications like and Paper Gown.

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