URGENT: HCA Conflict in New Bedford

Certified Economic Empowerment applicant Whisk and Jane, LLC, is requesting an immediate repeal of the decision to deny their zoning request to establish a premier recreational cannabis multi-purpose facility at 161 Popes Island, New Bedford, MA.

Show your support and stand for Whisk and Jane, LLC at the town meeting this Wednesday!

Location: New Bedford City Hall Date: December 19, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM

W&J proprietor Ericca Kennedy said: "We believe the zoning ordinance established by the New Bedford City Council will impose an unnecessary hardship on our ability to open and operate a sustainable business (in a high volume area)."

About the author

Christine Giraud, a writer in Boston, is fascinated with the cannabis industry, and has been covering the culture, politics and history around it. She also writes about general health issues for publications like DigBoston.com and Paper Gown.

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